Please note that AccountAssyst version 1.0 has recently been upgraded to version 2.0.

Version 1.0 (this site) has now ceased to operate for all new activities.

Go to for the latest version of AccountAssyst to find out about the latest solution and features available to you.

IMPORTANT - Existing Customers

Please register urgently for your free trial of AccountAssyst version 2.0 by visiting

Use the ‘Get Your Free 50 Unit No Obligation Free Trial’ button to join us and after doing so please email us at with some suggested dates for your complimentary online navigation and migration meeting (which should take approximately one hour).

At your migration and navigation meeting we will also arrange the transfer of any unused units from the old version for your immediate use.

What Will Happen To Your Existing Records?

Don’t worry these will remain exactly where they are, and will be retained indefinitely for archive purposes. You can access them at any time going forwards to view any historically opened account, original credit reports and credit control activities.

To Discuss Anything Further Relating to your Migration

Simply ring us on 01274 223190 and we shall be happy to help.


Five Free Credit Reports for the Price of None!

Mike Collins, the driving force behind the pioneering online credit management system AccountAssyst, is spearheading a launch campaign - offering five free credit reports to businesses with no strings attached.

"We're making this offer to raise awareness of AccountAssyst with businesses that supply goods or services on credit to other businesses" explained Collins.

"However, AccountAssyst goes way beyond the traditional credit report checking services provided by other credit management companies. It includes online account opening, existing customer review processes, automated overdue invoice chase facility as well as the unique ROSI Monitor which will alert a business by e-mail if one of their customers has not paid another supplier after receiving a demand letter from a debt collection agency or solicitor. This is obviously a warning sign that a customer could well be suffering cash flow problems and may not be as credit worthy as initially believed.

The crucial information yielded by ROSI Monitor enables a business to protect their position and to take immediate action such as withholding goods until payment has been received or insisting on part payment up front. There isn’t an organisation in the UK that can match this incredible early warning system. It's worth offering five free credit reports to draw attention to AccountAssyst and the ROSI Monitor" concluded Collins.

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No registration fee and 16 free credit reports worth £240.00 when you join!

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