Please note that AccountAssyst version 1.0 has recently been upgraded to version 2.0.

Version 1.0 (this site) has now ceased to operate for all new activities.

Go to for the latest version of AccountAssyst to find out about the latest solution and features available to you.

IMPORTANT - Existing Customers

Please register urgently for your free trial of AccountAssyst version 2.0 by visiting

Use the ‘Get Your Free 50 Unit No Obligation Free Trial’ button to join us and after doing so please email us at with some suggested dates for your complimentary online navigation and migration meeting (which should take approximately one hour).

At your migration and navigation meeting we will also arrange the transfer of any unused units from the old version for your immediate use.

What Will Happen To Your Existing Records?

Don’t worry these will remain exactly where they are, and will be retained indefinitely for archive purposes. You can access them at any time going forwards to view any historically opened account, original credit reports and credit control activities.

To Discuss Anything Further Relating to your Migration

Simply ring us on 01274 223190 and we shall be happy to help.


Partners Page

AccountAssyst is available through professional services partners including; solicitors, debt collection agencies, accountants, and trade associations. The benefits of offering AccountAssyst to your clients or members include:

  • Generating a substantial ongoing additional income stream - for minimal effort
  • Building genuine added value into your client or membership offering at no cost

For each professional services partner offering AccountAssyst, we will personalise the system to reflect the key elements of their brand namely their logo, strap line and corporate colour.

We have produced a high quality professionally written and designed sales and marketing kit to enable you to market AccountAssyst effectively to your clients or members. This includes sales letter wordings, bespoke press releases and key questions and answers.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of offering AccountAssyst to your clients or members. Alternatively, if you would like your solicitor, accountant or trade association to be made aware of the benefits of AccountAssyst, please submit their details and we will contact them on your behalf. 

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No registration fee and 16 free credit reports worth £240.00 when you join!

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